Uineye 700/1000m mini rangefinder for gun, rifle scope mate for hunting and shooting

All-aluminum housing, lightweight and durable, measuring buttons and headphone wire control design, with voice reading function

Ultra-long range ranging up to 700/1000 meters with an accuracy of +-0.1m
Blue OLED screen for 24*7 use (available at night)
Three-sided fixture assembly design allows the mini rangefinder to be quickly mounted on firearms, bows, and rafts
Multiple measurement modes, distance and angle mode, scan mode, foggy day mode, horizontal distance mode, vertical distance mode, and speed mode.


Our mini rangefinder could be widely used for alignment/ aiming/ positioning/ hunting/ spotting/ search/ rescue/ hiking etc, makes ranging possible all-weather, everywhere and anytime.

Product parameters:
Max range: 700m\1000m
Voice reading language: Chinese\English
Volume adjustment: Yes
Clamping angle: 3 sides
Sighting method: Mechanical sight
Display way: Self-luminous display(available at night)
Battery: CR2 3V
Unit: Meter, Yard, Degree
Mode: Distance and Angle Mode\ Scan Mode\ Foggy Day Mode\ Slide Distance, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance and Angle Mode\ Speed Mode


Distance and Angle Mode:
Using mode button to select Distance and Angle Mode, aim at the target by mechanical crosshairs, press measurement button or earphone answer button to start measurement. In this mode, voice reading function is activated.

Scan Mode:
In this mode, it measures distance and angle continuously.

Foggy Day Mode:
This mode eliminates the bad impact of fog on ranging.

Slide Distance, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance and Angle Mode
In this mode, it measures slide distance(SD), horizontal distance(HD) and vertical distance(VD).

Speed Mode:
In this Mode, it measures speed.