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Features and Design

  • Premium Optics: Superior optical material to bring nose to nose feeling to the target within 5-1600 yards, it’s intended to be a top bow rangefinder in hunting season.
  • 8X Magnification Capability: 8X magnification x 25mm objective lens, provides a crystal clear view of the target and its surroundings. Much better than 6X.
  • Excellent Accuracy: +/- 0.33 yards accuracy, best golf laser rangefinder for golf lovers.
  • More Than Distance Measurement: Not only measure slope distance, height and horizontal distance, but also measure all the angles between -90°and +90°with +/- 0.35°accuracy.
  • Slope Features: Players can get adjusted yardage with slope technology when playing uphill or downhill as it will compensate for elevation.
  • Tripod Interface: In the bottom of the rangefinder, there is a mounting point to attach the device to a tripod, a nice feature for steady accurate ranging.



  • Class 1 laser with <0.315mW average power output
  • 8X magnification
  • 25mm optical objective lens
  • 7°Field of View
  • 5-1312 yards ranging capability
  • +/- 0.33 yards accuracy
  • Distance/ Angle/ Height/ Horizontal distance measurement
  • Measure in yards or meters
  • Auto shutoff within 20 sec
  • Required battery type: AAA batteries(not included)


Package List:

  • 1 x rangefinder(HK1200)
  • 1 x micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • 1 x wrist strap
  • 1 x quick start guide
  • 1 x carrying case
Max Range

1312 yds(1200m), 1600 yds (1500m)

What is a rangefinder?

“A rangefinder is a device that help calculate the distance from itself to a specified target. It may also be referred to as distance meters or laser locators. There are many familiar terms used when operating a rangefinder.
Range: The distance is often referred to as the range, and can also be described more elaborately as the horizontal distance, vertical distance or slope distance
Inclination: may be referred to as pitch
Bearing: commonly referred to as the angle or azimuth and it can be compared to Magnetic North”

What is a laser range finder used for?

There are numerous types of rangefinders made for a variety of purposes. Common uses include measuring distance in hunting, golf, construction, speeding automobiles, and photography.

Do I need a horizontal or a vertical device?

Most rangefinders come in one of the two styles horizontal or vertical. Horizontal rangefinders are wide and flat to enable the user to gain a two-handed grip if necessary when ranging targets, which makes it a good choice for high magnification and longer distances rangefinders. Vertical rangefinders are less bulky compared to horizontal units, which is perfect to be carried along in a pocket or on a belt. But vertical design is hard to hold steady and the image can appear to shake and as a result they are generally of a lower magnification.

Should I choose a black or red display?

Currently most laser rangefinders with an LCD screen use a black display and most units that use an LED screen features a red screen. LED displays are considered to have a clearer image compared to LCD screens, but rangefinders using LED displays are often more expensive. A black display is generally thought to be easier to see under bright conditions, while a red display is often thought to be better in low light conditions.

What magnification will be appropriate for my needs?

Rangefinders usually come in magnification from 4x to 8x. Keep in mind that the longer the distance or the smaller the target the more magnification is required for accurate ranging. 8X to the target is much easier to lock onto than 6X and you will always get crystal clear view with advanced magnification. But the higher the magnification the harder it will be to hold the image steady. Then a tripod is necessary to help.

What maximum range is necessary for my needs?

Most maximum ranges are calculated on highly reflective targets under ideal conditions. So if a rangefinder is listed for 800 yards doesn’t mean it will range a deer or flag stick at 800 yards. But here is the quick and rough rule for your reference: a rangefinder will read a deer at about 1/2 of its maximum range, and a flag stick at about 1/3 of its maximum. For example, if a rangefinder is listed with 1000 yards maximum range capability, it will probably range a building out to 1000 yards on good sunny days, a deer out to about 500 yards and a flag stick out to about 333 yards.

Can I use hunting rangefinders for golfing?

Certainly yes! But the product most closely designed for your needs would be more user-friendly and not require multiple readings to be taken or switching modes to give the correct distance.

What does 8x24 mean?

The first number is always going to be the magnification. This will tell you how close the image will appear when viewing thru the binocular (e.g. 8 times closer). The second number is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters (mm). 8×24 means 8X magnification x 24mm objective lens.

What is the maximum angle measurement I can get ?

This rangefinder can measure all the angles between -90° and +90°with +/- 0.35° of accuracy.

How to recalibrate the Angle?

Hold Mode button for 2 seconds for angle recalibration. When angle shows CAL, put the device in a horizontal position, then have a long press on Mode button for 2 seconds to exit. Once angle recalibration completed, the INC will show as 0°when measuring horizontal distance.

How to switch from yards to meters(HK1500 Mode)?

This machine contains two unit of meter and yard, the default unit is meter, to change the unit of measurement, while press power key ( ©) and M1 together two keys 0,5 seconds, you can switch and save as yard, want to switch back, action repeat.

What is FA Mode and CL Mode(Uineye 1000 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder)?

FA Mode to display the furthest target distance(similar to Nikon 8397 ACULON Target Priority Feature), great for hunting; CL Mode to display the closest target distance, a nice feature for golf.

How about warranty conditions?

We stand by our product. We offter 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 2-Year Limited Warranty. If you are not happy with Uineye experience, you can return the item within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund. All quality-related issues are eligible for repair or replacement. International shipping costs covering both the return and the sending of the replacement shall be shared by both sides.

How about payment method?

Pay via PayPal or Credit Card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

How about handling time and shipping?

Handling time: 2 working days. Free with Standard/Express shipping with tracking, usually it will take 15-20 days, a few more days for remote area. We do all we can to deliver the package to you, but LRfinder.com cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, service interruptions, etc.

How about handling time and shipping?

Handling time: 2 working days. Free with Standard/Express shipping with tracking, usually it will take 15-20 days, a few more days for remote area. We do all we can to deliver the package to you, but LRfinder.com cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control such as severe weather, service interruptions, etc.

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